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Ingredients & General Questions

Q: You claim your fragrance extracts are ethically sourced – what do you mean by that?

A: Ethical sourcing, sometimes referred to as “responsible sourcing,” is core to our brand beliefs. Sustainable agriculture is at the heart of our approach to the climate and development challenge: we believe that sustainable agricultural practices are a vital way to help eradicate hunger and poverty, while making our supply of ingredients more resilient. Sustainable farming methods have the potential to mitigate the effects of climate change while providing opportunities to farmers, their families, and their communities. Love Home and Planet uses a key fragrance ingredient in each of our products that comes from the responsible sourcing program established by our fragrance partner Givaudan, which ensures that these ingredients meet high standards in health and safety, social, environmental and business integrity. Their approach aims to secure precious natural ingredients without contributing to the loss of biodiversity and while bolstering the livelihoods of the local partners who produce them. For more information, please visit the responsible sourcing section of Givaudan’s website.