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10 Simple Laundry Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

We’ve rounded up our 10 favorite laundry tips to show you how to do laundry in a snap.

Not only do these laundry hacks save you time but they’ll make your laundry day smell like a dream. Once you master how to wash clothes like a pro, pass these tidbits to your friends and family—because who doesn’t love a good cleaning tip.

Tip 1 - Flip Black Clothes Inside-out Before Washing

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1. Keep that black dress black!

If you want your black shirts to stay black or to keep your dark wash jeans looking like new, a quick and easy laundry tip is to turn them inside out before washing them. By washing your dark clothes inside out, you’ll be able to help prevent fading in the wash.

Tip 2 - Put Detergent Into The Washing Machine First

2. Put Detergent Into The Washing Machine First

Did you know that pouring detergent directly on your clothes can leave streaks? Or sometimes cause your clothes to fade? Instead, try pouring detergent directly into your HE machine before adding your clothes or skip the measuring altogether and use one of our pre-dosed laundry packets that’s as simple as toss and go. For standard washers, start your machine, add detergent, and then put your clothes in.

Tip 3 - Put Socks in a Lingerie Bag

3. Stop Losing Socks By Putting Them In A Lingerie Bag

Ever feel like your washing machine has turned into a mysterious sock-eating creature? To keep your socks together, place them in a mesh lingerie bag! Once the bag is full, you can zip it up, wash them all at once, and take them out all together, too!

Tip 4- Use Dryer Sheets to Reduce Static & Soften

4. Use Dryer Sheets to Reduce Static & Soften

Clean, fragrant clothes smell like a dream but freshly washed clothes that are full of static are another story. A dryer sheet can prevent static cling and ensure your clothes remain soft with every wash. For an extra fragrance boost, a dryer sheet in the same scent profile as your laundry detergent is a great idea.

Tip 5 - Remove Ink Stains With Hairspray

5. Remove Ink Stains With Hairspray

Ink stains from a pen on your shirt or fave pair of jeans? Here’s a laundry tip that’s great in a pinch - simply spray hairspray on an ink stain, wait a few seconds and wipe with a damp cloth. This laundry hack will work on any type of fabric.

Tip 6 - Remove Sweat Stains With Baking Soda + Lemon

6. Catch Pesky Stains Quick!

Spill your mimosa? No problem! The quicker that stain is taken care of, the better chances it will disappear and our Coconut Water & Mimosa Flower Laundry Detergent is the perfect match! It’s made with plant-based cleansers and is so smart it can actually detect the type of stain it encounters to cleanse effectively, yet super gently. Oh, and did we mention how good it smells?!

Tip 7 - Only Wash Your Clothes When Needed

7. Only Wash Your Clothes When They Really

If your clothes aren’t really dirty after one wear, they probably wind up on your ‘chair-drobe’, (you know—that chair where your clean-ish clothes hang out on). To give them a nice de-wrinkle before your next wear, try using dry wash sprays like our Lavender & Argan Oil Dry Wash Spray. This not only helps revive your worn clothes, but it’s a #smallactoflove that helps save water by washing your clothes less.

Tip 8 - Throw In a Dry Towel To Speed Up Drying Time

8. Throw In a Dry Towel To Speed Up Drying Time

Short on time and need to get those clothes dry? This laundry hack will not only speed up your drying time but can help save energy too! By throwing a dry towel into the dryer with your wet clothes, it will help soak up some of the water, and speed up the drying time significantly. This helps use less energy and is another great #smallactoflove for the planet.

Tip 9 - Clean Your Washing Machine Regularly Using Vinegar

9. Clean Your Washing Machine Regularly Using Vinegar

One of the most important laundry tips to keep in mind is to keep your washing machine clean. By running your machine with hot water and white vinegar every so often, it keeps it clean and prevents any musty smells that could get into your laundry. And when your machine is maintained, there’s a good chance it will run more efficiently and use less energy in the long run.

Tip 10 - Make Laundry Time

10. Make Laundry Time "You Time"

When you’re doing laundry, why not make the most of it? Listen to that podcast that everyone’s been telling you about while your clothes are in the wash or binge watch your fave show while you’re folding. Whatever you do, enjoy this little bit of time for yourself to relax & unwind!

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