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7 Recyclable Items That Will Surprise You

Already doing your part to recycle everyday items like soda cans, newspapers, water bottles and plastic bags? Great job! Those small acts really do add up to make a big impact. So going along with that idea, we rounded up seven more recyclable items you might not have thought of yet and ideas for what to do with them. 

Electronic Devices Are Recyclable

Electronic Devices From The 90's

Chances are that you love your tech as much as we do, which means you probably have things like old cell phones, TV’s, and other old electronics lying around your home. And while they’re a nice blast from the past, they take up lots of space! If they still work, a good idea is to recycle them online on marketplace websites where people will actually pay you for it! Not only are you recycling, but you’re making extra money and making someone else’s day! It’s a win-win-win and a #smallactoflove for our planet.

Wine Corks Are Recyclable

Corks Collected Year-Round

Hosting a dinner party? After you finish that bottle of wine, you can recycle the bottle and give the cork a second life. After you’ve collected all of your corks throughout the year, you can make them into a pretty centerpiece or coasters for your coffee table. It’s another #smallactoflove and a fun activity for your dinner parties.

Empty Makeup Containers Are Recyclable

Second-Hand Makeup Containers

Have a few empty makeup containers you’d like to throw out? Good news…most are recyclable! Many big makeup brands offer recycling programs you can learn more about online. But what we truly love about sustainable packaging or post-consumer recycled is that it gives a second life to plastic and reduces new plastic being reintroduced out into the world. The majority of our products are made this way and we look forward to the day they all are by 2021!

Running Shoes Are Recyclable

Your Shoes!

When your old running shoes get too worn out from all your hikes, sports, and morning jogs, the back of your closet doesn’t have to be their final resting place. There are recycling programs (see point 3) or other creative options like cleaning them in the wash with our eco-friendly concentrated laundry detergent and donating to a charity!

Pet Fur Recyclable

Pet Fur Is Fair Game

Have a serious shedder on your hands? Did you know pet fur is not only recyclable, but it can help our oceans, too? Fur from our friendly felines or pups are placed into the ocean during oil spills to protect beaches from oil. To find a place that will graciously accept this furry form of recycling, look out for companies online.

Bicycles Are Recyclable

Bicycles Ready For A New Route

Time for a new bicycle? Another #smallactoflove is to recycle your old bicycle! There are organizations across the country who take your old bikes, fix them up and donate to a lovely new owner. This helps give people better transport and an easier livelihood—all with your old bike!

Jeans Are Recyclable

Jeans You Never Wear

When your love for your old jeans are fading away, there’s still hope! All it takes is a pair of scissors and some cutting skills and you’ve got yourself a cute pair of cut-offs! If they’re jeans you haven’t worn in a while, a quick wash in the washing machine with our Rose Petal & Murumuru Laundry Detergent will have those new shorts smelling fresh!

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