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From the depths of the Amazon Rainforest to the deserts of Morocco, we've found the planet's finest, ethically-sourced essential oils and infused then into our formulas, to delightfully pamper and indulge your senses.

Love Home and Planet + Lavender


France Map - Love Home and Planet


(Lavandula Angustifolia)

Our lavender comes from the scenic flower fields of southern France, where it is only harvested in July and August. Generation after generation, farmers have passed down, through the family tree, timeless knowledge making lavender truly ageless. Soft, flowery and fruity, with sweet balsamic notes to keep it well-rounded, lavender is as delightful as it is relaxing. It's unique fragrance profile comes from the traditional 'préfané method, where it is hand-cut, and left to dry in the fields for two-to-three days.

Our lavender is ethically-sourced, where we work with our partner Givaudan to ensure that our lavender is comes from pre-financed nurseries that promote sustainability, care and support local communities. So, inhale the moment, joie de vivre!.

Love Home and Planet + Mimosa Flower

mimosa flower

Morocco Map - Love Home and Planet


(Acacia Decurrens)

Handpicked and harvested locally in Morocco, the powdery, sweet mimosa flower is only available in March and April. Mimosa flowers are picked in the morning and then flowers are separated from branches, to create an absolute that is purely rich with a long-lasting fragrance, reminiscent of Indian jasmine.

Collaborating locally with farmers in Morocco, our partners at Givaudan, use a responsible sourcing program to enhance supply chain transparency and to achieve high standards in health and safety, social, environmental and business integrity practices.

Love Home and Planet + Vanilla


Madagascar Map - Love Home and Planet


(Vanilla Planifolia)

Soft, creamy and light, vanilla is one of the world's most recognizable scents. Extracted from June to September, a vanilla vine takes three-to-four years to mature, while its flowers only open once per year, making it one of the world's most sought-after scents.

Our partner, Givaudan, uses a responsible sourcing program including a fully integrated supply chain to source traceable, certified vanilla and support over 3,000 vanilla farmers and their families in more than 30 villages.

Love Home and Planet + Rose Petal

rose petal

Bulgaria Map - Love Home and Planet


(Rosa Demascena)

Handpicked from the breath-taking Rose Valley of Bulgaria, surrounded by lush greens and neverending blue skies, damask roses are only harvested from May through June. The roses are harvested in peak season, handpicked in the morning and quickly processed to capture the purest and most pristine fragrance. The resulting fragrance exudes a rich and warm floral note with honey-like undertones.

This source of rose absolute is part of our partner Givaudan’s responsible sourcing program, whereby they collaborate with local producers to enhance supply chain transparency and achieve high standards in health and safety, social, environmental and business integrity practices.

Love Home and Planet + Vetiver


Haiti Map - Love Home and Planet

(Vetiver Zizanioides)

Vetiver grows around the world, but the vetiver from Haiti, where ours is ethically-sourced, is considered by perfumers to be not only pure, but the most balanced and refined. Sultry, woody and green, vetiver has a distinctively earthy scent that is achieved through a sophisticated steam distillation process.

Our sourcing partner, Givaudan, collaborates with a local cooperative between three villages of the area of Les Cayes, Haiti. A major part of this program includes paying farmers a premium and pouring profits back into community development projects like roads, better access to health care, sanitation, and electricity. Our ethically sourced vetiver is Fair Trade and Organic certified by Ecocert®.