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Collage of recyclable bottles and ingredient illustrations

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Our packs are our pride and joy! Not only because they carry our fragrant and efficacious formulas, but also because we tried to use recycled materials and make them recyclable as much as we could.

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Recycled Packaging

recycled packaging

PCR is a magic word. It stands for post-consumer recycled, which is the material we use for the vast majority of our packs. If you wonder why some of our transparent bottles aren't 100% clear, it's because they're made with PCR. While the vast majority of our packs are made with recycled plastic, three of our formats and most of our caps are not but, we are committed to change this by 2021.Watch this space to learn more about our #smallactoflove.

Close the loop

close the loop

Not only are the majority of our products made from recycled materials, we are also committed to helping you do a #smallactoflove for the planet with recyclable packaging - check the label!