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What is Earth Day?

Earth Day is a holiday to celebrate our planet, raise awareness about pollution and help make our Earth a happier, cleaner planet for us all. Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd and began as an environmental movement in the ‘70s. And while you may have likely heard of Earth Day before, not everyone knows that a NY Times best seller book is a pretty big reason this journey towards pollution awareness began.

In 1962, Rachel Carson published her book Silent Spring, which outlined a strong case for how polluting nature would negatively impact people. Her bold beliefs helped kickstart an environmental movement and remind us today that every action we take impacts our planet. So no matter how big or small, there’s plenty of reasons to reduce our carbon footprint and create a positive impact on the environment by celebrating Earth Day this year and incorporating #smallactsoflove into your routine!

Want to learn how you can help save our beautiful planet this Earth Day? Here’s a listicle of 10 #smallactsoflove for the planet you can start today.

Tip 1 - Unplug Your Tech

1. Unplug Your Tech

We love our technology as much as the next person but did you know you can actually help save electricity by unplugging your electronics? Before you head out for work this morning, try to unplug a few things like your phone charger, coffee maker, blender or toaster. These #smallactsoflove go a really long way for the earth!

Tip 2 - Let Your Hair Air Dry

2. Let Your Hair Air Dry

Do you frequently blow dry your hair? Blow dryers can use a ton of electricity so why not give the heat a break and try to let your hair air dry this Earth Day. Not only will you feel good about saving electricity, but your hair will feel healthier from having less heat.

Tip 3 - Skip Laundry Day with Our Dry Wash Spray

3. Skip Laundry for the Day…

Consider skipping laundry for the day and both your clothes and the earth will thank you! We created our Dry Wash Spray so that we can save water together by washing clothes only when they really deserve it. Our refreshing, wrinkle removing spray - powered by compressed air, not greenhouse gases - is designed to revive your worn clothes instantly, and helps them look, feel and smell refreshed, with a delicate kiss of nature. #HumbleBrag

Tip 4 - Air Dry Your Clothing

4. Give the Dryer a Day Off

If you really need to clean or wash your clothes, why not try air drying them to help save some energy? Another bonus of our concentrated laundry detergent is that it’s infused with the scent of ethically sourced essential oils so while you hang dry them, the scent will waft through your home leaving it smell like a fragrant dream - just another great way to help out the planet with #smallactsoflove.

Tip 5 - Turn Off the Tap When Not In Use

5. Go Easy On The Tap!

Another easy way to help save water? Remember to turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth, washing your hands or dishes - even opting for a shorter shower. And when you’re doing your dishes, enjoy a fragrant kiss of nature with our Dish Soap, packed with powerful plant-based ingredients, which helps cut down grease and caked-on food. These are super easy #smallactsoflove that add up and can help save so much water if you make this part of your everyday routine, not just on Earth Day.

Tip 6 - Use Metal or Glass Water Bottles, Not Plastic

6.Hydrate Plastic-Free

Stay happy and hydrated in style with a cute water bottle made from metal or glass that matches your personality. Even better, spread the love by getting a matching one for a friend!

Tip 7 - Water Plants with Old Water Cups

7. Save Your Half-Full Glasses

Do you ever find half-full glasses of water around your home? Instead of dumping the water down the drain, you can use this to water your plants. It’s a super easy way to avoid wasting water and your plants will thank you!

Tip 8 - Go Meatless

8. Go Meatless For The Day

Did you know that eating less meat could impact the planet? Emissions from livestock increase greenhouse gasses so try going meat-free today, or opting for Meatless Monday to help reduce your carbon footprint.

Tip 9 - Use Tote Bags and Bandanas When Grocery Shopping

9. Eco-Friendly Hacks for the Grocery Store

Heading to the store? Don’t forget that tote bag! You don’t need to buy all organic and natural but a #smallactoflove can be as simple as wrapping your fresh fruits & veggies in bandanas versus using plastic bags. For dried goods, look for options to buy in bulk so that you can repackage in resusable containers in your pantry.

Tip 10 - Skip Plasticware and Reuse Take-out Containers

10. Can’t Resist Take-Out?

We all love ordering take-out every once in awhile. Next time you order take-out, ask for no plastic utensils and bags and try to reuse the plastic take-out containers a few times – either to pack/store future meals or as a storage solution for other items in your home!

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